"Parvaaz Hai Junoon", Pakistan's upcoming iconic film faces setback


ISLAMABAD - Upcoming Pakistani film over the life of PAF Pilots "Parvaaz Hai Junoon" was caught in a legal action as the wardrobe stylist of the film Soomar Rehman filed a lawsuit against the MD productions for not including his name in the credits of the film. Court has now restrained all the promotional content of the film including teasers, trailers and etc for now.

The case was filed on Friday April, 27 and the first hearing was on Monday April, 30. Rehman explains stage court has stalled all the promotional content until the next hearing and his names will be included.

He rightfully wants the MD production to give a written apology with the due credits. MD productions have a record of misusing youngsters talent.

The lawsuit includes the production head of MD films, Vice President and MD productions. It also includes Hum Tv as it is the official distributor of the film. It is unclear when the audience will get to see the film or the promotional content for now.