I am sorry: Atiqa Odho warns her husband

I am sorry: Atiqa Odho warns her husband

ISLAMABAD - *Sana Mir recently criticised ads that promoted “body shaming and objectification”. In her post, she wrote: “Make no mistake: you need strong arms, not smooth arms, on a sports field,” which started a debate on social media. **Naya Din** team invited Atiqa Odho to speak on the issue. According to Odho, her initial reaction was that “people are overreacting”.*

Odho, a Pakistani actor who also runs a cosmetic brand, said we can look at the ad from two perspectives.

According to her, she was happy to see that a debate started and a lot of women are talking about it. “I think dialogue and debate is a good thing,” she said. “Thank God women in Pakistan are now making their voice heard.”

She also said that “every woman has the right to beauty” as “our confidence evolves out of it.”

According to her, if we tell a woman to “Look nice”, “Make your hair”, “Do your makeup” or “Wax whatever”, that woman has a “right” to do it. “I don’t think it should have become such a big topic,” she said.

One of the *Naya Din* anchors, Kiran Aftab, asked Odho about what she thinks of people who hold discussions on women dressing up for coming to work.

“You get self-grooming classes in the corporate sector across the world,” said Odho. “They teach you how to dress, walk and talk because you have an overall corporate image as well.”

Odho said even men these days wear suits and adopt all sorts of new hairstyles and we don’t say anything to them. “Why is it that the men have a right to look good and women don’t?” she asked. “Women have as much right – in fact even more right – to look beautiful and smart.”

If my husband didn’t look good, I wouldn’t look at him, said Odho. “I tell him that you need to keep your weight in check. I’m sorry.”