Friendly country intelligence agents caught in Karachi: Sources

Friendly country intelligence agents caught in Karachi: Sources

KARACHI: Sindh Counter Terrorism Department on Wednesday arrested three alleged foreign country agents who were working for the intelligence agency of neighboring Muslim Country.

Additional IG, CTD, Dr Sanullah Abbasi, told media that agents named Yousuf raza, Masoom Naqvi and Akber Ali Asgher.

Earlier in September 2015 it was reported in media through reliable sources a sudden hike to the Iranian’s entry into the port city of Karachi after the start of Yemen-Saudi conflict,

Iranian nationals coming to the seaside metropolis have been found in suspicious activities, the intelligence agencies reveal in a letter sent to the Sindh government.

The Pakistani spy agencies have warned the provincial government of Pakistan People’s Party of sudden raise to the entry of Iranian nationals, an officer of the Sindh department told while demanding complete anonymity. A letter received by the Sindh Home department has advised the authorities to have a strict eye over the residences and hotels where Iranian nationals are staying.

The spy agencies have also observed that upto 700 Iranian nationals are visiting Pakistan on business visas but they don’t return on their schedule time. In mid of February this year a letter to the Sindh Home department had disclose the failure of police authorities to keep the record of foreigners’ arrival in Karachi.

A year earlier this newspaper had reports that the country’s intelligence agencies have asked the federal and all four provincial governments to probe report that around 2,000 persons belonging to a specific sect have moved to Syria from Pakistan to fight alongside the Bashar al-Assad forces against the rebels, highly credible sources told here on Wednesday.

Previously, there had been reports that militants from Pakistan’s tribal areas, especially the foreigners belonging UK, Sweden and other European countries along with local Taliban had moved to the troubled country to fight alongside rebels against the Bashar Al-Assad regime.

The group of these militants is fighting both pro-Iran regimes of Iraq and Syria under the name of Tehreek-e-Taliban Syria which is now operating under the umbrella of SISI and Al-Nusrah groups.

However, these startling revelations have come to fore for the first time that the Syrian government of Bashar Al-Assad also gets militant assistance from Pakistan, the country witnessing sectarian divide for the last few decades.

Highly reliable sources in the provincial homes office told that to counter the rebellion forces, who want to overthrow regime and impose Shariah, the Syrian government with assistance of the neighboring country has recruited youths in Karachi and other parts of the country.

The intelligence agencies have warned the federal and provincial government to have a check over the activity and probe how they went to Syria.

According to sources the Pakistani Government is investigating these reports to unveil the forces responsible for raising this aide force for Syrian government.

According to the credible sources militant support, mostly youths of Karachi, is going to Syria via Iran, which is also being alleged for assisting them in order to help the country with which Iran enjoys the cordial relations.

According to sources the youths, belonging to a specific sect, have used both land routes through buses as well as having been traveled through air services to reach their destination to fight their sacred war.