Why Bollywood movies should be completely banned in Pakistan?

Why Bollywood movies should be completely banned in Pakistan?

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan’s Central Board of Film Censors has banned 9 out of 15 Bollywood movies in Pakistan in last few months.

However after Indian industry has started to ban Pakistani Artists Pakistan should also ban Indian movies in Pakistan.

Bollywood movies have been used in anti state propaganda too.

Along with that Bollywood movies are depicting anti religion content and distorting facts in movies like Padmavat where a Muslim ruler was ridiculed.

Lately Anushka Sharma’s horror film *Pari* from being released in the country as the content of the film was deemed unfit for the country's audience.

According to reports, the use of black magic shown in the movie violates the tenets of Islam. “*Pari’s*script, dialogues and storyline go against our Islamic values.

The concepts within Islam have different ideologies about magic. This film stimulates the viewers in favour of black magic and promotes thoughts that are contradictory to our religion,” a CBFC member said, media reported have surfaced.

With this, Pari becomes the 9th movie to be barred in Pakistan in the last one year.

Bollywood used to contribute at least 60 to 70 per cent to the film exhibition business of the country, before a blanket ban was imposed in 2016. Apart from the Central Board of Film Censors, there are provisional boards in Punjab and Sindh.

Often movies that the provisional boards have allowed with some cuts get stalled at the central board, revealing a lack of coordination among the three boards.