Pakistan’s nuclear programme only aimed at peace, stability

Pakistan’s nuclear programme only aimed at peace, stability

Pakistan has reiterated its opposition to any Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty that discriminated between different nuclear weapon states.

Speaking in an Informal Consultative Meeting of United Nations in New York, Counselor at Pakistan's Mission to the UN Yasar Ammar said that there should be no preferential treatment for any country in terms of existing stocks.

He said the treaty should lead to equal and undiminished security for all states and a universally acceptable fissile material treaty would have to avoid discrimination between the different nuclear weapons possessing states.

He said a treaty which only results in a cut-off in the production of fissile material would jeopardize Pakistan's security.

Explaining the reasons for Pakistan's developing a nuclear deterrence capability, he said this was in the interest of maintaining peace and stability in South Asia.

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