DG ISPR unveils the social media anti-state war in Pakistan

DG ISPR unveils the social media anti-state war in Pakistan

RAWALPINDI - Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj General Asif Ghafoor hinted that Pakistan is under a war on social media front.

He said that the security establishment is keeping tabs on social media activities and monitoring ‘anti-state’ accounts.

Addressing a press briefing on Monday, DG ISPR said, “We have the capability to monitor it [Social media]”.

During the briefing, an image of a social media account was also shared with the attendees which Ghafoor claimed tweets against the armed forces and the state. “Look who retweet this account, and we know these people are,” said Ghafoor while referring to blanked out spaces on the image. “We understand the whole network.”

DG ISPR claimed that during the period of January to May 2018 the number of anti-stats troll accounts operate domestically increased from 2,000 to 3,000 while during the same period, number of anti-state accounts overseas are over 10,000. “It shows how social media is being used to create ‘ripples’ in the county,” he said.

As long as these accounts target us personally, we practice restraint. But when it comes to the state, we share this information with the relevant authorities and work on it. These people, whose profiles have been blanked out, retweets the anti-state tweets and encourages them. If we will not act responsibly while using social media, then the anti-state

We have to stay united and have to defeat them. This social media is not a threat as of now. But countries that have control this menace; they have done it through awareness.

Further, Ghafoor claimed that images that usually pop up on social media are not true.