Canadian PM Justin Trudeau mocks his trip to India

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau mocks his trip to India

OTTAWA - His trip to India made a lot of undesired headlines globally, but Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can still make jokes about it.

Speaking at this year’s Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner on May 26, Trudeau first went after political opponents and others, but reserved a large part of his speech to mock his trip to India. And the Canadian PM admitted he’d tried his best to repress all his memories about the trip. Play Video

“I don’t rememeber the India trip. I think to myself we should really go to India sometime, the same way I say to myself we should have a *Highlander 2* sometime, because that was such a great movie,” he said.

The Canadian Prime Minister then went to show a slideshow that he said his team had put together about the trip.

*An upside down map of India *

After a sad emoticon alongside the text ‘India Trip 2018’, Trudeau said his team had suggested going to India to boost ties between people and invite investment into Canada.

“That was the beginning of the end,” he said.

The Candian prime minister said that despite the scathing international media coverage and ridicule, “it was a pretty good trip”.

Talking about being welcomed to India, Trudeau said that he was received by the Minister of Agriculture, which he joked some commentators had pointed out, was a “very big deal.”

There was a lot of speculation over why Prime Minister Narendra Modi usually present to greet fellow heads of state on their arrival, was absent for Trudeau’s visit.