Afghanistan entered into worst turmoil since Trump’s south Asia strategy: Report

Afghanistan entered into worst turmoil since Trump’s south Asia strategy: Report

KABUL - Lawmakers in Afghanistan’s Lower House of Parliament, the Wolesi Jirga, said the scale of violence and proxy wars in the country have increased significantly following the US President Donald Trump’s new war strategy announced last year.

Lawmakers noted that the United States is not honest in combating terrorism in Afghanistan.

“When there is tension between US and Iran and or between US and Russia or China or Pakistan, then all these countries will fight against the US in Afghanistan,” said Abdul Rahim Ayubi, an MP.

Afghans government forces are fighting the Taliban and other insurgents in at least ten provinces at the moment, Ministry of Defense said.

“Afghanistan will not achieve peace and stability as long as we have military dependence to US,” said Zalmai Mujaddidi, an MP.

“Security situation is not stable in many provinces in Afghanistan,” said Sakhi Mashwani, a lawmaker.

In August last year, Trump put forward a long-awaited strategy for resolving the nearly 16-year-old conflict in Afghanistan.

Trump said that the United States would put significant new pressure on Pakistan to crack down on the terrorist sanctuaries that line its border with Afghanistan.

This comes a day after a number of members of Meshrano Jirga, the Upper House of Parliament, raised concerns regarding the security situation and said the United States is not doing enough to bring stability in Afghanistan.

The senators said based on the security agreement signed between Kabul and Washington, the US has a responsibility to defend Afghanistan.

According to the senators, the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between Kabul and Washington should be reviewed, because so far Afghanistan has not been stabilized in terms of security.

The senators said the US failed to implement the security agreement between Afghanistan and the US.

The National Unity Government and Washington signed the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) in 2014 in the hope of bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan. In addition to the BSA, Afghanistan also signed the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with NATO.