Pakistan Vs India match live update score

Pakistan Vs India match live update score

Indian Bating Scorecard

India: 14-0 (4.3 overs)

Pakistan wins toss against India in their first match of the ICC Champions Trophy and choose to bowl first.

With overcast conditions, pacers may dominate the India-Pakistan game in ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

Also, rain clouds will haunt both teams and a shower is very much on the cards. English Met Office predicted rain on Sunday during the battle of arch-rivals.

The two teams have fully prepared for the exciting contest. According to the management, all tickets have already been sold out. Fans of both teams will gather in huge numbers to support their sides.

While the weather department warns about the expected rain on June 4, the ground staff at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground has prepared the wicket which looks it a green top.