Pakistan-Afghanistan peace process marred with terrorism allegations from certain elements in Kabul

Pakistan-Afghanistan peace process marred with terrorism allegations from certain elements in Kabul

Islamabad has rejected unfounded allegations against Pakistan after Kabul terrorist attack.

In a statement on Sunday, Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz said accusations from certain elements inside and outside Afghanistan after attack in Kabul are completely baseless.

He said that such allegations were made within minutes of the attack and obviously before any investigation.

He said the accusatory approach is instigated by those who have no interest in peace and stability in Afghanistan and their malicious agenda is to damage Afghanistan-Pakistan relations and the cooperation initiatives recently gaining momentum.

He said being victim of terrorism, Pakistan feels the pain and agony of the Afghan people and it has condemned the Kabul terrorist attack in strongest terms.

He said Afghanistan faces serious internal challenges including growing violence caused by insurgency, expanding foothold of Daesh and other terrorist groups exploiting the country's ungoverned spaces.

The Adviser said leveling allegations against other countries only signifies a tendency to externalize the internal challenges faced by Afghanistan.

Sartaz Aziz emphasized that Afghan authorities should undertake a transparent investigation into the incident in order to make a determination about the perpetrators of the attack based on concrete evidence.

The Advisor said that Islamabad is convinced that a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan. He said the government reaffirms its strong support to the efforts for durable peace and stability in Afghanistan.

He said Pakistan and Afghanistan have strong bonds of religion, culture, history and geography and the people and the government of the Pakistan have always stood with the people of Afghanistan in their difficult times.

He said the hateful campaign being launched by the detractors is detrimental for harmony and cooperation required for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.