PMLN government grabbed Rs 180 billion of circular debt from General Public

PMLN government grabbed Rs 180 billion of circular debt from General Public

ISLAMABAD: The previous PML-N government had borrowed Rs180 billion to finance the circular debt and started recovering this amount from the power consumers in the form of surcharges in their electricity bills, Finance Ministry on Tuesday informed the Senate Special Committee on Circular Debt. <link#_>

The Senate Special Committee on Circular Debt that met here on Tuesday headed by Senator Shibli Faraz was informed by the officials of the finance ministry that previous government had taken Rs180 billion loans to finance the circular debt, but interestingly it is being recovered from power consumers in the form of surcharges.

Faraz said that the government never encouraged alternate energy sources nor the private sector has been supported to install such plants. He said that the government had deliberately discouraged this sector, as to exploit the costly sources of energy.

Joint Secretary of Power Division Zargham said that there is no ban on power generation from alternative sources and anybody can do business in this sector.

CEO of the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) Amjad Awan said that around 1036MWs alternative energy sources-based electricity is being supplied to the national grid. Solar PV power projects are generating 430MWs and added that the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Plant has not been failed, it is also generating electricity. He further said that for 16 Bagas-based power plants, tariff and generation licenses have been obtained which have the capacity of 132.4MWs.

Awan said that regarding power generation from alternate sources, the masses have not been sensitized nor awareness campaign had been launched by the government.

Shibli Faraz said to control power shortfall and circular debt, it is necessary to convert these tube wells to solar system and also do effective monitoring of water table.

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