New smartphone with 9 cameras in offing

New smartphone with 9 cameras in offing

WASHINGTON - US-based digital photography company and camera-maker Light is prototyping a smartphone with five to nine cameras that could be capable of capturing a 64MP image, the media reported.

"A camera-maker called Light showed concept and working prototype phones with between five and nine lenses-yes, nine-on the back. It says its phone design is capable of capturing 64MP shots, better low-light performance and sophisticated depth effects," The Washington Post reported.

The device is not much thicker than an iPhone X and uses internal processing to stick the photo together.

The company has commissioned Foxconn as an investor and said it would launch the smartphone featuring multiple lenses later this year.

"All those lenses and the processor power required to stitch together all those individual shots don't come cheap. A stand-alone camera from Light with 16 lenses costs $1,950," the report added.

The company had unveiled the L16 camera-which uses 16 lenses to capture 52MP images-back in 2015 and starting shipping it last year.

"The results are impressive, especially when the size of the camera is considered. It's truly pocketable. Yet in the end, consumers want the convenience of a phone with the power of a dedicated camera," TechCrunch reported.