Is Saba Qamar getting married

Is Saba Qamar getting married

ISLAMABAD – Responding to the rumours of marriage and telling whether she will get married anytime soon, Saba Qamar turned to Instagram and said she has no such plans in the near future.

It all started when the actor named Arslan Faisal shared photograph with the Hindu Medium star. He captioned the photo, “First picture of 2018 with her @sabaqamarzaman Love Love and Love.” ------------------------------ ------------------------------

A lot of people started speculating whether both the actors are in a relationship and will be married soon. Saba herself had to clear the air in her Instagram post that she has no plans of getting married anytime soon. “Guys relax. I m not getting married anytime soon. So please stop spreading this rumor about me Live and let live,” she said, in the photo reading that “Dear weather please don’t be so romantic because I’m single.”

She complained that someone was spreading rumors about her.