Tax amnesty scheme for investors in Gwadar

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Balochistan Government in a bid to attract investors from all across the country has devised an amnesty scheme and has also sent summary to the Federal Government in this regard.

One-time tax amnesty scheme urged to bring back overseas money 

Talking to a private news channel, GM Finance of the Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority (GIEDA) Waqas A Lasi said that at least 30 to 40 companies have opted to set up industries inside Gwadar owing to this decision of Balochistan Governemnt.

He said that a careful estimate has revealed that an inflow of at least Rs.100 billion will come to Gwadar as new investment as a result of this decision of Balochistan Government.

Tax Amnesty Scheme miserably fails as only 3205 traders registered so far

It is also pertinent to mention that Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority (GIEDA) has got 3000 acres of free land as to now.