Iran to take legal action against Pakistan over Gas Pipeline Project

Iran to take legal action against Pakistan over Gas Pipeline Project

TEHRAN - Iranian Petroleum Minister Bijan Zangeneh announced Sunday that Iran is to begin legal proceedings against Pakistan in a protracted gas pipeline project.

linkIran link has laid the pipeline upto linkPakistan link 's border, but linkPakistan link has neglected to take due measure on its soil, Zangeneh said at a press briefing. So the Petroleum linkMinistry link is to take the issue to the court, he added.

About Tehran-Ashkhabad gas dispute, the minister said linkIran link did not import gas after Turkmenistan cut off its imports and claimed for 1.8-billion-dollar in arrears from linkIran link .

The two sides did some swap after cutting-off measure, Zangeneh said adding Turkmenistan wants to settle the gas dispute through international courts while linkIran link believes that Ashkhabad should make up for the losses.

The dispute started between linkIran link and Turkmenistan over gas imports when Ashkhabad, despite its previous agreements with Tehran, demanded for illogical high prices for its exported gas to linkIran link 's northern regions.

On December 30, 2016, Iranian representatives who were in Turkmenistan for talks over the dispute were told by Tehran to leave the negotiations warning their Turkmen counterparts that Tehran will not accept anything beyond the previously made bilateral agreements.

The minister also said the production and export of the Iranian oil link grew after the July 2015 nuclear deal. He also rejected claims about a barter deal between linkIran linkand Russia to exchange oil link for advanced fighter jets.

Turning to the issue of gasoline, Zangeneh said linkIran link produced 16.5 million liters of the product, which shows an increase from the past Iranian calendar year ended on March 20, 2017, most from the Persian Gulf Star Refinery (PGSR) this year. - Agencies

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