Afghanistan mulls option of executing 600 Afghan Taliban prisoners on death row

Afghanistan mulls option of executing 600 Afghan Taliban prisoners on death row

KABUL - Afghanistan’s government on Sunday announced that all options are on the table to avenge the deaths of those killed by the Taliban in recent attacks in the country, TOLONEWS has reported.

Almost 150 were killed in Kabul alone this month in attacks carried out mainly by the Taliban.

According to government, the execution of Taliban prisoners on death row was one option.

First government will increase its military pressure on the group and then the cases of some Taliban prisoners will be assessed; they will be executed once the legal procedures have been wrapped up, the office of the CEO said.

“Including execution, the Afghan government will not be reluctant to consider any option against the enemies; operations will be increased against them,” said the CEO’s deputy spokesman Jawed Faisal.

Meanwhile, a number of military analysts have said that to bring peace and security to the country, justice must be served on the killers of the people.

“Until that happens, justice is not being served, and until the killers of the people are brought to justice, I don’t think we can reach permanent security,” said a military commentator Jawed Kohistani.

Security ministries vow harsher military action

“Our commandos, night-time operations and air strikes have increased, whenever we receive any report about the presence of Taliban, we will conduct operations against them,” a defense ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said on Sunday.

“Operations are ongoing in 20 provinces across the country; major operations are underway in Helmand, Ghazni, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Paktika and Zabul provinces,” said MoI deputy spokesman Nusrat Rahimi.

According to reports, 600 prisoners are on death row waiting for President Ashraf Ghani to sign their execution orders.