Afghanistan government is under influence of India

Afghanistan government is under influence of India

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has made all out efforts to normalize its bilateral relations with Afghanistan , but Afghan government always alleges Pakistan whenever any terror incident occurs in that country.

Meanwhile, Americans are also looking at Pak-Afghan relations through the prism of India. In such circumstances Pak-Afghan relations can never improve. Afghanistan must realize that peace in their country is in the interest of Pakistan.

The Afghan government is under the influence of India and the intelligence agencies of both India and Afghanistan are working together for promoting terrorism in Pakistan.

Islamabad is doing the right thing by fencing the Pak-Afghan border in order to restrict the illegal movement of the terrorists.”

“It is very unfortunate that nearly over 200 Afghan people have lost their precious lives in recent terror attacks in Kabul. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan must realize that a joint strategy is required to combat the menace of terrorism.

According to an international research, Afghan government is losing control on many areas which is an alarming situation.

We are hopeful for the best outcome of ongoing Joint Working Group meeting between Kabul and Islamabad.”