Afghan politicians made billions of Dollars out of the US war, that's why they don't want war to end

Afghan politicians made billions of Dollars out of the US war, that's why they don't want war to end

WASHINGTON - The United States has lost its war on terror in Afghanistan during last 17 years and its spending of billions of dollars have enjoyed by few Afghan influential, but financial benefits had been given to poor people of the war-ravaged country.

These views were shared by the author of the book “Afghan Papers” by Senior Journalist and Known Columnist, Agha Masood Hussain at Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) here on Saturday.

Agha Masood further said that the Afghan nation is experiencing extreme poverty and deprivation as the US invasion did not impact on the lives, but funds were channelized in the pockets of few political leaders who gained financially a lot from this war.

“I urged the economic department of United States to audit and investigate that where the Afghan war funding goes,” Agha Masood said, adding, “These US funding in Afghanistan directly goes in the pockets of Hamid Karzai and his brother and poor people did not get any financial support during his term.”

“The only solution to Afghanistan crisis could be resolved through negotiation and dialogue and if it (negotiations) would not be initiated then war in the country (Afghanistan) will be continue,” he suggested, adding, “If Afghan issue would not resolve it will be dangerous and it could destabilize entire region.” Afghan people should resist US involvement in their country, he said.

Our government has to expose the world about Indian involvement in Afghanistan who carrying out terrorists’ activities in Pakistan by using third country soil, he remarked. Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan said the United States should end its involvement in Afghanistan .

Pakistan would have effective intelligence sharing with Afghans government for restoration of peace in both countries, he added.

He said next general elections in the country should be free and fair. Later, Chairperson Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, Dr Masooma Hassan said the book on Afghan comprised of very historic photographs which are not available. The articles that were translated do not have references.

He suggested that the author should include reference to the article in its second edition.

Former Governor of Sindh, Kamal Uddin Azfar and former Editor of Jang, Mehmood Sham also spoke in the occasion.