Afghan Army 164 Generals sent packing home

Afghan Army 164 Generals sent packing home

KABUL - President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has signed the retirement of at least 164 army generals in a bid to implement reforms in the defense sector, Khaama Press has reported.

“Putting our new military officers’ inherent law to practice, I just signed the respectful retirement of 164 generals,” President Ghani said in a statement.

He said “We want reforms to win the war and peace. We don’t want reforms just for the sake of reforms. This process will continue for our brighter future,” he added.

This comes as efforts are underway by the Afghan government and the international allies of Afghanistan to boost the capabilities of the Afghan national defense and security forces.

During a visit to a military base of the Afghan armed forces in Kabul nearly two weeks ago, President Ghani said the government is working to further boost the fighting the capabilities of the Afghan Special Operations forces.

He said the government is also considering special arrangements to boost the capabilities of the Afghan Air Force and further steps will be taken in this regard in the near future.

The international allies of Afghanistan including the US military and the NATO forces have also stepped up efforts to increase the capabilities of the defense forces.

U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Lance Bunch, the director of the future operations, had earlier said the Afghan Air Force is one of the more lethal organizations of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and that efforts are underway to triple the size of the Afghan Air Force by 2023.