Indian Muslim man arrested over controversial love Jihad law

Indian Muslim man arrested over controversial love Jihad law

A Muslim man from India's Uttar Pradesh state has been arrested after being accused of attempting to convert a Hindu woman to Islam through marriage, *BBC* reported link on Thursday.

He is reported to be the first man to have been booked under a controversial new "love jihad" law approved by the country's Hindu nationalist government last week. The law lays out prison terms for anyone "compelling others to convert their faith or luring them into these conversions through marriage", according to a *Reuters* report.

The law has sparked outrage, with critics terming it Islamophobic. After UP, four other states are reported to be preparing to bring in similar legislation.

According to* BBC*, the man, arrested on Wednesday, was accused by a Hindu woman's father of "putting pressure" on his daughter to convert and of even "threatening her" with consequences if she didn't.

The woman was reported to have been in a relationship with the man but she got married to someone else earlier this year.

Furthermore, according to the report, the man had earlier been accused of kidnapping the woman by her family, but after she denied any such thing, the case was dropped.

The man has been sent to jail on judicial remand for 14 days. He was quoted by *BBC* as saying he has "no link with the woman".