Sex Trafficking Racket busted in Punjab

Sex Trafficking Racket busted in Punjab

KASUR - Punjab Police has arrested three women from Kasur district’s Pattoki city who allegedly bought minor girls for prostitution.

The raid, conducted on November 2 led to the arrest of three women and recovery of at least two girls named Laiban and Seerat.

Police, Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) officials first raided two dens, one owned by Zahida Perveen and other by one Manzooran Bibi on a tip off that they bought two minor girls.

The suspects said that they bought the two girls, 12 year old Laiba and three year old Seerat, from a midwife in Sharifpura.

When questioned, Zahida Parveen first said that the girl is her own daughter then said that she bought the girl to marry her off to her son but later accepted that she bought and raised her to eventually sell her for prostitution.

Later, the police also arrested the midwife who reportedly sold the girls to the suspects.