Saudi Arabia takes a commendable step for special pilgrims

Saudi Arabia takes a commendable step for special pilgrims

RIYADH - On the International Day of Disabled Person, Saudi Arabia has taken a commendable step.

The Holy Mosque and Prophet s Mosque were dedicated to special abilities for two hours.

On the occasion, all disable persons were taken to Shah Fahad extension where literature books were also divided among the people after detailed lecture on Umrah.

The presidency of the Holy Mosque’s affairs, represented by the general administration for social services and the unit specialized in people with special abilities has also prepared a separate prayers place for deaf and defective where the translator of special persons are also present.

Haram administration has also provided white rods to visually impaired people so that they can reach at the specific place of prayer. A special kit bag is also given during the Hajj. This includes the Quran and the books prepared in Braille writing, besides the names of Haram Makihy and Holy places. Similarly, the Quran which is read through the electronic pen in the bag is provided to the blind people.