Cybersex: Swedish man jailed for 10 years over online Rape

Cybersex: Swedish man jailed for 10 years over online Rape

A 41-year-old Swede will spend the next 10 years behind bars for forcing 26 teenage girls and a boy to perform sexual acts in front of webcams while he watched, threatening to post their photos on porn sites or kill their relatives if they didn’t.

In a case reminiscent of the virtual sex scene from the 1993 Hollywood movie “Demolition Man,” a city court in Uppsala ruled that even though Bjorn Samstrom never met his victims in person he was guilty of rape, because Swedish law does not require penetrative intercourse to be considered “rape.”

Child abuse
Samstrom is the first person in Sweden to have been convicted of rape for sexual assaults that took place online.

Samstrom was also convicted of child pornography possession and ordered to pay an equivalent of  just over $131,000 to victims in Canada, Britain and the US, who were all under age 15 between 2015 and early 2017.

During the 20-day trial the prosecution requested a 10-year jail sentence for Samstrom – Sweden’s stiffest sentence for sexual offences.

The conviction, the first of its kind in Sweden and possibly anywhere else in the world, could hopefully encourage other countries to rethink the way they define rape in legislation.