Video making App 'TikTok' to be banned in Pakistan?

Video making App 'TikTok' to be banned in Pakistan?

*LAHORE - A petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court against TikTok, a mobile application commonly used by teenagers to make and share videos. *

The petition was filed by a lawyer, Nadeem Sarwar, on August 3 and calls TikTok “a great mischief of modern times”.

It says the app is “destroying the youth” and forcing them to be “selfish” and “go to any lengths to get fame”.

“They are not only wasting their precious time with this nonsense but are also crossing all limits of morality. This can be seen when the guys in the videos are made up like girls, which is shameful and one of the many signs of doomsday,” writes Sarwar in his petition.

It also claimed that “TikTok is promoting same sex relationships or ‘gayism'” but did not explain how. “Girls dressed up in minimal clothing and videos full of trash talk can be found commonly which no religion nor morality can support,” the petition reads.