US woman raped in Delhi seeks justice

US woman raped in Delhi seeks justice

NEW DELHI - An American woman link has grasped the attention of the public after she posted a video complaining how the man who attacked her in India has been granted a bail.

The video posted by the link citizen shows her narrating harrowing experience where she was attacked by an Indian man inside her apartment in New Delhi after which she had fought back, but to no avail as the attacker was granted bail by the criminal justice system in India.

"Last month I was notified that the man who viciously attacked me, who I had to fight to make sure he was convicted of his crime and he was sentenced in India, has been given bail on his appeal,” she can be heard saying.

“This man broke into my apartment and attacked me. I fought, I went to India to testify, all by myself I had to do this. He was sentenced for years in prison and then on his appeal, a corrupt judge gives him bail.

Now, I have been told that as my case is to be taken to the High Court in India link, their Supreme Court you don't give bails to convicted criminals that are sentenced,” she added.

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