7 New Ministries formed in Pakistan

7 New Ministries formed in Pakistan
  1. Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has ordered 7 new ministries to accommodate 7 new Ministers.                                               
  2. Ministry of Energy would have two constituent divisions; Power Division and Petroleum Division.
  3. Ministry of Water Resources would have one constituent division; Water Resources Division. The business of the existing divisions of Water and Power and Petroleum and Natural Resources shall be distributed between the two new divisions accordingly.
  4. Ministry of Postal Services would have one constituent division: Postal Services Division. The business of the existing Communications Division to the extent of postal services shall be transferred to the new division while residual business shall remain with the existing Communications Division.
  5. Ministry of Commerce and Textiles, with two constituent divisions, namely: Commerce Division; and Textile Division. The current business of the two existing divisions of commerce and textile industry shall be placed under the new ministry accordingly.
  6. Ministry of Statistics, with one constituent division namely: Statistics Division.
  7. Ministry of Privatisation, with one constituent division to be called Privatisation Division.
  8. Ministry of Narcotics Control that would have one constituent division to be named as Narcotics Control Division.