Will Sarfraz Merchant arrival in Pakistan be last nail in coffin of MQM-RAW nexus  


ISLAMABAD: Sarfraz Marchant has arrived in Pakistan with evidences to cooperate with FIA in money laundering cases and record his statement to FIA in connection with the MQM-RAW nexus. 


Sources claimed that Sarfraz Marchant is present in Islamabad for last three days and he is being provided strict security by federal government. He also brought evidences with him while Scotland Yard is hearing money laundering case against MQM leaders including Altaf Hussain on the basis of these evidences.


Sarfraz will provide information to FIA officials regarding money laundering case and record his statement in this regard. FIA officials will verify the evidences of Sarfraz Marchant from Scotland Yard through Interior Ministry.


On the other hand, DG FIA Mazhar Kakakhel did not confirm the presence of Sarfraz Marchant in Islamabad saying that he did not contacted FIA yet.


It is also worthy to mention here that FIA special team led by DG FIA Mazhar Kakakhel had been formed by Interior Minister Ch. Nisar to probe in the money laundering cases against MQM leaders.