What are the Panama Paper Leaks ?

PANAMA: Panama Leaks are the secret leaked files of the Panama based famous Law firm named Mossack Fenseea which works on the secret wealth of the off shore companies in the world.


The data is collected from the millions of the emails recorded by the company.


The startling revelations include names of around 200 Pakistanis belonging to Politics, Retired and serving bureaucrats and businessmen who evaded taxes to make off shore companies through black money.


The names include the family of Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif having 8 off shore companies.



However the Panama Leaks didnot directly mention the names of PM Nawaz Sharif or CM Shehbaz Sharif.


The names list also includes Russian PM Vladimir Putin, Bolly wood star Amitab Bachan family, Legendry footballer Lionel Messi.