ICC unveils new rules for all international cricket matches

ICC unveils new rules for all international cricket matches

DUBAI - The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made changes to the International cricket matches.

ICC changes are applicable to playing conditions for all international cricket matches — which will be applicable from September 30, 2018.

According to a press release, under the clauses 11.4 (ODI), 11.7 and 12.8 (Tests), If a result is imminent, extra time can be requested so the match can be concluded before a scheduled interval.

Also in accordance with clause 19 (Test, ODI and T20I), unless the boundary is the maximum 90 yards from the centre of the pitch, the boundary rope cannot be any more than 10 yards from the edge of the available playing area.

In addition there is a clarification to clause 21.12 with a new sentence added which stated that MCC has was an oversight when the new Laws were introduced last October.

The revoking of the no-ball should only be done in situations where the bowler dropped the ball or didn’t deliver it. If the ball is delivered ‘normally’ and then something happens that makes it become dead, the no-ball should still count.