100 days plan: PM Imran Khan onto it

100 days plan: PM Imran Khan onto it

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan says construction of low-cost and affordable five million houses is foremost priority of the Government.

He was chairing a meeting on construction of low-cost and affordable houses in Islamabad today.

The Prime Minister said this would not only address housing issues of the people especially in the major cities but would also promote economic growth and create job opportunities.

He said simultaneously, we will have to devise a comprehensive mechanism for regulating katchi-abaadis and slums without dislocating poor people and ensuring provision of all civic amenities to them.

After a detailed discussion on various international models and road-maps for addressing the issue of housing, a committee was constituted under Secretary Housing and Works to devise a comprehensive and coherent plan of action.

The plan would be prepared in consultation with relevant experts and representatives of concerned departments.

It will take into account all aspects including the legal framework, availability of the land bank and raising of required resources for smooth implementation of the project.

The Committee would submit its initial recommendations to the Prime Minister within one week.

Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasized that private sector should be encouraged and maximum facilitation be extended to those who would be partnering with the Government in implementation of the programme.