Pakistan-China react over the North Korea hydrogen bomb test

Pakistan-China react over the North Korea hydrogen bomb test

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan condemned the reported nuclear test conducted by North Korea on Sunday.

“Pakistan condemns the reported nuclear test by the DPRK,” read the statement issued by the Foreign Office spokesperson. “Pakistan has consistently maintained that DPRK should comply with the UN Security Council resolutions and asked all sides to refrain from provocative actions. Pakistan urges all sides to display utmost restraint and return towards the path of peaceful negotiated settlement of the issue.” DPRK, which stands for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is the official name of North Korea.

Similarly, China’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday urged North Korea to stop its “wrong” actions, after Pyongyang said it successfully tested an advanced hydrogen bomb. According to Reuters, the ministry said in a statement on its website that China resolutely opposed and strongly condemned North Korea’s actions, and urged the country to respect UN Security Council resolutions.

On Sunday, North Korea said it successfully tested an advanced hydrogen bomb, marking a dramatic escalation in the isolated state’s stand-off with the United States over its nuclear weapons programme, reported Reuters.

Japanese and South Korean officials said an earthquake detected near the North’s test site was around 10 times more powerful than previous detonations, and concluded the North had conducted its sixth nuclear test.

There was no independent confirmation that the detonation was a hydrogen bomb.

It was the North’s first nuclear test since US President Donald Trump took office, and marked a direct challenge to Trump, who hours earlier had talked by phone with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe about the “escalating” nuclear crisis in the region.

North Korea said in an announcement on state television that a hydrogen bomb test ordered by leader Kim Jong Un was a “perfect success” and a “meaningful” step in completing the country’s nuclear weapons programmes.