Facebook launches new interesting feature for users in Pakistan

Facebook launches new interesting feature for users in Pakistan

Facebook introduces a new messaging feature that ties-up Instagram and Messenger in Pakistan.

Users will have an upgrade to Messenger and experience new messaging features, including cross-app communication between two people at a time. People already using Messenger, as well as new joiners will automatically get the new messaging experience.

This upgrade was rolled out in August, with the testing beginning from Algeria, Argentina, Chile and Malaysia, and is now available across Canada, Pakistan, Peru and Taiwan. The feature is currently being tested, and feedback is being gathered from users to further improve the overall messaging experience.

“No matter which app you use, we want to ensure that messaging is fast, reliable, and fun. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a richer messaging experience for Messenger and Instagram, powered by Messenger.

With this update, you can connect with your contacts across Instagram and Messenger, all without downloading a new app.” stated a Facebook spokesperson in an official statement.