Senate body asks govt to withdraw increased gas prices

Senate body asks govt to withdraw increased gas prices

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat hit out at the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), saying it has failed to protect rights of consumers and government should immediately withdraw increase of natural gas prices.

The committee meeting held under the Chairmanship of Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood at the Parliament House.

The committee members said it is a huge increase in gas prices in the history of Pakistan and nobody is caring for common people.

The OGRA chairperson told the committee that 24 percent of the country's population used the natural gas adding that authority recruited five employees in last five years.

She said OGRA protect the rights of consumers and no undue favour was given to companies and she said the authority comprises of chairman/chairperson and three members viz; Member (Gas), Member (Finance) and Member (Oil) who are professionals with rich experience in their respective fields.

The committee Chairman Senator Talha Mahmood said that with the consensus of all committee members we condemned the increase in gas prices and government should withdraw the gas prices.

Senator Muhammad Javed Abbasi said that they would protect the rights of people and nobody is above the law.

He said democratic government should takes steps for the welfare of common man and should not burden them. He said that duirng the winter season the increased gas prices will disturb the budget of common people.


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