New local government system in Punjab to have unprecedented setup

New local government system in Punjab to have unprecedented setup

ISLAMABAD - Minister for Information Ch. Fawad Hussain and Advisor to Prime Minister on Establishment Shehzad Arbab say there will be direct elections of District and Tehsil Mayors under the proposed Local Government System.

They were briefing senior media-persons on the agenda in Islamabad today (Wednesday).

They said the Union Councils would be converted into Village Council on the pattern of KPK.

They said Government is tracking progress across all ministries in respect of 100 Days Change Agenda.

The Advisor said the agenda has been developed across six themes. These are Transform Governance, Strengthen Federation, Inclusive Economic Growth, Agriculture and Water, Revolutionize Social Services and Ensure Pakistan's National Security. These have been further cascaded into thirty-five key initiatives.

He said the full review of each initiative will be shared towards the end of next month.

The Information Minister said following the example set by the Prime Minister himself, senior members of the PTI-led federal and provincial governments are operating on seven day a week schedule. He said the Prime Minister recognizes PTI has arrived at this historic opportunity after 22 years of struggle and expects each one of us to make the most of every single minute at our disposal.

The Advisor on Establishment asked media and people to track the Government progress through new website "". He said citizens will now have direct access to the progress that ministries are making against their agreed initiatives.

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