Nawaz Sharif furious speech after being elected as party president

Nawaz Sharif furious speech after being elected as party president

SLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday that the people should have been told that there was nothing against him in the Panama Papers, and thus the Iqama excuse was used to disqualify him. 

He was addressing a meeting of the party's general council which elected him the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz president for four years earlier. 

He said there is anger in his heart too — to say so otherwise would be hypocrisy. 

Referring to the amendment and passing of the Electoral Reforms Bill 2017, Nawaz said they have repealed the 'dictator's law'. 

The former premier thanked workers for greeting him during his GT Road Rally in August. "You know the reason for my disqualification," said Nawaz, adding that PML-N is still the country's biggest political party. 

"Respected general council members, history shows the struggle of the Muslim League," Nawaz said further. 

“If there was nothing in the Panama [Papers] then people should have been told this. They should have informed the people of the truth, that Nawaz Sharif did not misuse any public funds,” he said.

“This has been happening for the last 70 years,” said Nawaz, adding that we need to think about what led to the breakup of the country [in 1971].

All countries in the world keep changing their policies with time, and those who ignore changing dynamics and stick to the old practice time passes them by.  

He said it is tragic that 'we' continue to do the same things that led to the breakup of the country. 

"Despite being elected by the people thrice, I was disqualified. Not because of any corruption or malpractice but for not taking a salary from my son," said the ousted premier.