Kabul saved from disastrous rockets attack

Kabul saved from disastrous rockets attack

KABUL - The Afghan security forces thwarted the militants plan to carry out an attack on Kabul city days after a similar attack rocked the international airport in the city.

Officials in the Criminal Investigation Department in the Ministry of Interior said the militants were looking to fire several rockets on the city but the security forces managed to thwart their plan with on time reaction and surveillance.

The officials further added that the militants had prepared eight BM-1 Russian made rockets for the attack in Khak Jabar district, not far from the city, to hit the city on the occasion of Ashura Day.

The rockets, eight in total, were discovered from Chakari village, during an operation of the security forces late on Monday night.

The anti-government armed militant groups have not commented regarding the report so far.

This comes as the anti-government armed militants carried out a similar attack in the city last week by fireing several rockets on Hamid Karzai international airport.

The attack was launched at around 11 am local time and hours after the US defense secretary and NATO Secretary General arrived to the city.

The Taliban group claimed responsibility behind the attack which lasted until late evening of the city and after all militants were eliminated during the operation.

The security officials are saying at least twelve people were killed or wounded during the attack but the NATO-led Resolute Support later said several people were killed or wounded after a missile malfunctioned during the airstrike of the US forces which was launched to suppress the attack.