Important development reported over launch of 5G services in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recommended the federal government start work on 5G immediately, sources told ProPakistani.

PTA has written a letter to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication recommending to start work on 5G technology. The letter recommended the federal government approve the 5G guidelines and direct all departments to start work.

PTA sources told ProPakistani that the MoITT and PTA want the homework to be completed regarding 5G, at least 3 are required for the hiring of an international consultant. PTA will have to involve foreign offices and Pakistani embassies for advertisement in international newspapers for hiring an international consultant, after hiring the consultant it takes more than 6 months to prepare the report.

The International after consultation with all stakeholders and operators will give a detailed report to the PTA. The federal government after review can ask the consultant to revive the report.

According to sources in PTA, this homework is necessary whenever the government will launch 5G. If this 6-to-9-month exercise is completed then the timely launch of 5G will be possible. The work will also give an idea of what the industry and other stakeholders want. The MoITT had issued draft guidelines regarding 5G, on which a report was submitted to the federal government after taking input from all stakeholders.

According to MoITT, Pakistan is already lagging behind other countries in the region in launching 5G. India and Bangladesh have already launched 5G.

The government plans to launch 5G by June next year. Determining the spectrum bands and the price of the spectrum is necessary, and the work should start. The day the federal government approves the guidelines, all the organizations will start working on their respective parts.