British Parliament dissolved

British Parliament dissolved

LONDON – The parliament of United Kingdom has been officially dissolved on Wednesday (today), 25 working days ahead of the snap elections on June 8.

Following the dissolution, the members of the parliament have been stripped of the privileges which they enjoyed as legislators. The only exceptions are Prime Minister Theresa May and her team of government ministers who would retain their jobs till next elections.

The decision came after the premier Theresa May called the snap election to muster support in negotiations for Britain to leave the European Union.

May will visit Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace today to gain formal approval for the dissolution.

The UK voted almost a year ago to leave the 28-nation EU in a referendum and the so-called Brexit issue is set to dominate the election campaign that would be kicked off in a matter of a few days now.

Following the shocking decision of the majority of Britishers, the then Prime Minister David Cameron also stepped down.

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