Sartaj Aziz rejects US pressure over Dr. Shkeel Afridi

Sartaj Aziz rejects US pressure over Dr. Shkeel Afridi

ISLAMABAD: Advisor to PM Nawaz on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz made it clear that Pakistan would not take any pressure of USA administration over the matter of Dr. Shakeel Afridi because he might be a hero for America but he is an accused for Pakistan.

While talking to media here at today in Islamabad, Sartaj Aziz said that it is the court decision of Dr. Shakeel Afridi sentence and its internal matter of Pakistan so any kind of pressure would not be accepted at any cost.

America has approved sale of F-16 jets to Pakistan but now the issue is financing, Sartaj elaborated stating that there is some technical problems regarding the amount of collation support fund so we can’t buy F-16 from this amount and we have to arrange alternative source of amount.

Pakistan can purchase F-16 jets from somewhere else if alternative arrangements are not done in this regard, Aziz explained, adding that wave of imbalance could be started in region if Pakistan did not purchase weapons while Pakistan need F-16 jets in order to counter the scourge of terrorism.

Talking about the Indo-Pak relations, he expressed his hope of restoring dialogues in next few weeks saying that Pakistan is desirous to sort out all the issues through negotiations with its neighbors.

Acquisition of nuclear submarines by India is a threat to stability of region and we do not want race of weapons in the region but Pakistan is compelled to review its nuclear weapons, Sartaj said, expressing his concerns over the civil nuclear deal between India and USA, he said that Pakistan was in favor of nuclear free South Asia.

He also confirmed the arrival of Taliban delegation in Pakistan.