EU to allow Turks visa-free travel

EU to allow Turks visa-free travel

BRUSSELS: European Commission allowed Turkish citizens visa free travel across Europe in response of Refugees Deal between EU and Turkey.

At least 79 million Turks will be able to visa-free access to 26 countries of the Schengen Zone.

Sources revealed that the final announcement will be made about this proposal in a meeting of EU’s top executive body on Wednesday.

It is also claimed that EU government and European Parliament could also reject the proposal as Turkey failed to fulfill 72 political and technical conditions required for visa-free travel.

Earlier, EU and Turkey inked a deal that Turkey will accept refugees who illegally enter in Greece and in return EU will pay a funding of 6 billion Euro and visa free travel for Turkish citizens.

Turkish government threatened EU to break the deal unless the ease of travel rules for Turks in European countries.