Pulwama Attack dossier contains ridiculous evidences taken from Facebook and Twitter posts: Sources

Pulwama Attack dossier contains ridiculous evidences taken from Facebook and Twitter posts: Sources

ISLAMABAD: India dossier submitted to Pakistan last week has the information about the activities of JeM available in open source platforms like blogs, websites, Facebook and Twitter.

Indian government failed in provide any fresh and tangible intelligence to implicate any outfit present in Pakistan in the Pulwama suicide attack that resulted in killing of 44 personnel of Indian CRPF.

Foreign Secretary Ms. Tehmina Janjua was entrusted to scrutinise the dossier. They studied the dossier and couldn’t find any concrete substance in the voluminous pack of documents.

It is understood that the dossiers comprises Indian intelligence own reports submitted to their government to satisfy their bosses. Incidentally similar documents in the dossiers were submitted to Pakistan a number of times before as well.

"The dossiers however fails to offer any specific, actionable intelligence", sources said. Despite the shallowness of the dossier, the government is here determined to probe all aspects, the sources added. The dossier is appeared to have been prepared by incompetent and lower grade officials who complied reports based on hearsay.

The Indian government handed over to Pakistan it with the claim that it is detailing Jaish-e-Mohammed's (JeM) role in the Pulwama attack. Indians further claimed that the dossier also details the presence of JeM camps and that of its top leadership within Pakistan.

The move came after Pakistan had demanded "actionable evidence" from India on the Pulwama suicide attack that was carried out by a young Kashmiri from the held Kashmir (IHK). India handed over the dossier to the acting high commissioner of Pakistan Syed Haider Shah on Wednesday.

Incidentally, quoting unnamed government officials, leading Indian publications have claimed in the last couple of days that the dossier contained evidence showing that the Pulwama attack was hatched by the Jaish-e-Mohammed on Pakistani soil. In its report on the subject, India Today wrote that as per their sources’ claim the dossier contained audio and video recordings of JeM chief Maulana Masood Azhar praising the Pulwama attack.

The alleged suicide bomber Adil Dar's video wherein he talked about the Pulwama attack formed part of the dossier as well. According to India Today, for India, Dar’s video, his claim to be working as a JeM recruit and him talking about the attack are clear evidence of the direct involvement of the terrorist organisation.

The magazine’s sources claimed the dossier contained phone conversations and transcripts of Kamran, an alleged JeM terrorist killed in Pulwama days after the CRPF attack. India has told Pakistan that there is clear evidence of Kamran (Ghazi Rasheed) being in touch with his handlers from the JeM in Pakistan before the Pulwama attack, said the report.

As if talking to the same government officials as sources, the Indian Express, wrote that the dossier contained “specific details of JeM complicity in Pulwama terror attack and the presence of JeM terror camps and its leadership in Pakistan” along with the details of Jaish-e-Muhammad chief Maulana Masood Azhar’s anti-India speeches and claims of attacks by Jaish on Indian security forces in the past two years.

Besides Pulwama, India also presented nine specific instances of JeM rallies and religious congregations in Pakistan aimed at indoctrinating and recruiting men by instigating them against India, wrote the newspaper.

The report said: “In the latest dossier, New Delhi reiterated that JeM carried out these activities even though it was placed under ban by the Pakistani authorities in 2002.” The paper quoted a “top government official” in saying that “the information about these activities of JeM are available in open source platforms like blogs, websites, Facebook and Twitter.