Baloch leaders across the World vow to stand by Pak Army against any Indian aggression

Baloch leaders across the World vow to stand by Pak Army against any Indian aggression

ISLAMABAD - The Baloch community living in Dubai and Moscow celebrated the Baloch Culture Day to promote their rich heritage wherein the Baloch leadership resolved to stand by the Pakistan’s security forces to befittingly respond to any Indian aggression. At the event held in Dubai, Consul General of Pakistan in Dubai Ahmed Amjad Ali Khan was the chief guest that was attended by the Baloch community living all over the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, the ceremony featured the national anthems of both Pakistan and the UAE.

Pakistan’s national flag and banners highlighting the contribution of Pakistan Army in establishment of peace and development of Balochistan were also displayed.

During their speeches, the participants reiterated commitment to defend their motherland and stand by Pakistan's government and army through thick and thin. They also emphasized upon the need to forge unity and urged the disgruntled Baloch elements to join the national mainstream.

Council General Ahmed Amjad Ali Khan extended invitation to the Baloch community for maximum participation in the Pakistan Day event to be held on March 23.

On the occasion, a video message of Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity (OPBU) chief Dr Juma Khan Marri was also broadcast in which he focused on the notorious designs of the hostile intelligence agencies to weaken Pakistan by misleading the Baloch community.

He also talked about the negative role played by Harbiyar Marri, Mehran Baloch and Brahumdagh Bugti. He requested all the Baloch people, who were being exploited by the enemies of Pakistan for vested interests, to join the national mainstream and play their role to strengthen the country. At the culture day event held in Moscow, Juma Khan Marri announced complete support of the Marri tribe for Pakistan and promised to fight till last drop of blood in case of any aggression or misadventure by India. “Whole youth of Marri tribe is ready to defend our sacred motherland against India,” Marri declared at the event organized on the occasion of the first anniversary of the OPBU in Moscow, under the slogan of ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’. He said by using innocent Baloch youth in last year’s attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi, India-BLA had portrayed the Baloch community as terrorists. “Balochs are peaceful people. Only a few Indian-paid so-called Baloch leaders working on foreign agenda were using the innocent youth to sabotage national projects like Gwadar Port and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor,” he said. Ambassador of Pakistan in Russia Qazi Khalilullah appreciated the services of Dr Jumma Khan Marri and the OPBU. He also highlighted the wisdom of the current political and military leadership in Pakistan in handling the current conflict with India. All the coordinators of the OPBU, including Malik Shahbaz, Chaudhry Zahid and Ishtiaque Hamdani, also addressed the gathering. On the occasion, the participants chanted slogans like ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, ‘Pakistan Army Zindabad’. Video messages of Senator Anwar ul Haq Kakar and OPBU Pakistan chapter Vice Chairman Khuda Baksh Marri were also broadcast.