Senate Elections Results: Top 5 surprise Upsets

Senate Elections Results: Top 5 surprise Upsets

ISLAMABAD: Here are the top 5 upsets of the Senate Elections held today.

MQM Pakisan lost all 4 candidates from Sindh Assembly.

PPP won 11 out of 12 seats from Sindh Assembly.

PTI Ch Sarwar won Senate Seat from Punjab Assembly despite having less numbers.

PTI supported Moulana Sami ul huq lost from KP Assembly.

PML-N could not get even a single seat from Balochistan Assembly despite having 21 candidates.

Pakistan Muslim League-N has won 11 seats from Punjab, both from Islamabad and all four from Fata burying all the reports of defections in its ranks.

Results were coming in after the polling for the Senate elections concluded at all the four provincial assemblies and the National Assembly to elect 52 senators for the six-year term from 133 candidates contesting in the electoral arena.

There were reports of horse-trading and defections in election of senators from Balochistan, FATA and Sindh.

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