Election on 52 vacant seats of Senate to be held today

Election on 52 vacant seats of Senate to be held today

ISLAMABAD:Election on fifty-two vacant seats of Senate will be held today.    

Polling will begin at nine in the morning and will continue till four in the afternoon without any interval.

There are five candidates for two Senate seats from Islamabad.       

Twenty candidates are in the field in Punjab and thirty-three in Sindh  against twelve seats each while twenty-four candidates are in the run for four FATA seats. There are twenty-six candidates in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and twenty-three in Balochistan for eleven seats each.

Halls of the National Assembly and the provincial assemblies have been declared polling stations for the elections.      

The Election Commission has delegated powers of First Class Magistrate to all Returning Officers to ensure secrecy of the voting and cope with any emergent situation.

During the polling process, the members of the National Assembly will not be allowed to carry their cell phones inside the polling stations or take their ballot papers out of the assembly halls.      

Returning Officers will announce unofficial result in the evening.APP/AFP

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