Sugar inquiry report made public to reform system, protect people from exploitation: PM

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Sugar inquiry report made public to reform system, protect people from exploitation: PM

ISLAMABAD,:Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said the purpose of making public the sugar inquiry report was to bring facts and reasons of increase in sugar prices before the nation, and to reform the system by rectifying its demerits in the light of its findings.

The aim of taking such steps was to ensure that in future the people could be protected from exploitation and burden of unnecessary increase in the prices of commodities, he added chairing a meeting of the Federal Cabinet.

The cabinet was briefed about future strategy and further action by the relevant authorities in the light of recommendations of the sugar inquiry report. It decided to set up an inter-ministerial committee to review the facts and various aspects of the report, and suggest comprehensive reforms about the present system with an effective role of the regulator.

The meeting was given a detailed briefing about the progress on procurement of wheat by the provinces and future estimation of its demand and supply in the country. It decided to ensure a balance between demand and supply of wheat and flour so that there should be no paucity of them in any part of the country in future. It also decided to form a high-level committee to formulate recommendations in that regard, besides suggesting reforms about flour mills.

The prime minister directed the interior secretary to present recommendations of the task force about countering of smuggling so that further action could be taken in that regard.

Expressing his heartfelt condolences with the families, who had lost their loved ones in the Pakistan International Airlines plane crash, he said there was no substitute to a human life.