India Israel soft coup conspiracy against Pakistan

India Israel soft coup conspiracy against Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - The attempt to ‘isolate Pakistan internationally’ is being carried out on many levels by US and India, however the most crucial one is on the social-cultural level; and this strategy is part of the bigger picture which involves labelling Islam as violent and Muslims as terrorists.

The bigger picture is of course the on-going wars by the US led by AIPAC; the power of the Jewish lobby on Congress was highlighted by Bibi Netanyahu’s speech to US Congress in 2015 where he received 29 standing ovations, while Netanyahu spewed lies and encouraged another war, this time with Iran. Studies have shown that media shapes public opinion and nothing has perpetuated the myth that Islam is synonymous with terrorism more than Hollywood.

Films like American Sniper and Zero Dark Dirty denigrate Muslims and part of the campaign by movie Production houses whose owners are incidentally pro-Israel.

Bollywood’s alliance with Hollywood has also intensified the negative campaign against Pakistan and Muslims. Modi’s alliance with Netanyahu was confirmed when, as soon as he was elected he became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel.

Bollywood has also become a propaganda tool to isolate Pakistan, with a barrage of Indian films, that through sentimental themes and subliminal messages, fuse into the psyche that Pakistan is a terrorist state. Bollywood’s latest production Raazi highlights that Pakistan is infiltrated with spies, and Kashmiri’s want to be with India.

Apparently Raazi is a true story and a great propaganda piece about Kashmir. Sehmat Khan, an Indian Kashmiri girl, who in 1971, as an Indian spy gets married to a Pakistani military officer, to extract classified information.

The message conveyed in the movie is that Kashmiri Muslims support India and many have infiltrated Pakistan. In the film Indian spy’s pop up, everywhere, in shops, as rickshawallas, as pan sellers, Sehmat has to just call and she is escorted around by this network of spy’s.

The film affirms Indian Spy Kulbushan Yadav’s claim that RAW spies have infiltrated Pakistan, operating in every sphere, funding terrorist activities to destabilize the country. The biggest concern for India is to control the whole of Kashmir, where Israel has been helping for decades through Mossad training camps, supplying logistic support.

Bollywood depicts India as the saviour of Kashmir, rather than the reality that Indian Occupied Kashmir is a militarized zone where over 100,000 Indian soldiers carry out systematic oppression, daily raids, curfews, extra-judicial executions, rape against the 4 million Muslim majority Raazi ignores the struggle of the Kashmiri people for independence. There is no mention of the death of Zahid Ahmad Bhat who died of severe burns, attacked with a petrol bomb by ‘cow worshippers and protectors’.

Professor Apoorvanand at the Hindi Department of University of Delhi writes: “His death is a warning to Muslims all over India. If this can happen even in J&K, how can they expect safety in the rest of India where they are in a dangerous minority?” Aware of the power of media Israel’s leadership has turned its malevolent gaze to Bollywood.

Netanyahu was seen earlier this year hobnobbing with the Bollywood fraternity, inviting them to film in the most beautiful scenic ‘stolen land’; where recent Palestinians protests led to more than 60 deaths and 2,400 wounded, and the country’s MP’s advocate the killing of Palestinian pregnant women, so two are killed in one shot. The Bollywood fraternity aware of Modi’s allegiance to Israel and the alliance between the ‘butcher of Gujarat’ and ‘butcher of Palestinians,’ welcomed him with open arms. Modi’s is a compliant tool for Israel, his PR campaign was managed by APCO Worldwide formed of ex Mossad agents.

He has signed massive arms deals with the Zionist entity and opened the vast Indian markets for ripe picking. Pakistan’s founding father Mr Jinnah was right when he said Muslims needed their own sovereignty as the Hindu majority would never allow equality.

One other factor he did not envisage was the rampant Islamophobia after 9/11 which was blamed on Muslims; even though 9/11 Truthers along with hundreds of Pilots, Engineers, Scientists and Physicists have testified that the destruction of the twin towers was a result of controlled demolitions. However, to no avail. Negative images of Muslims are part of a strategy, otherwise how else can US and Israel continue destroying the Middles East for land grab and resources with impunity.

According to report in 2015 by Physicians for Social Responsibility nearly 2 million people have died through the illegal war on terror, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. As Nawaz Sharif was ousted in Panama scandal he left the country with 25 million children out of school and millions in forced child labour.

The extent to which he robbed the country is outlined in the book by Raymond Baker, Capitalism’s Achilles Heels. It appears Pakistan has not only to worry about, as Mr Jinnah stated, ‘enemies surrounding it’ but also ‘Pakistani politicians masked as nationalists working against the interests of the country for personal gain’.

Shabana Syed— The writer is journalist based in London.