CM Shahbaz Sharif grilled in Supreme Court

CM Shahbaz Sharif grilled in Supreme Court

*LAHORE - CM Shahbaz Sharif was grilled in Supreme Court on Sunday when he tried to avoid the questions asked by the court and rather boasted about other achievements.*

* I have given my blood for the country, former Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif told Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar on Sunday.*

The CJ headed the two-member bench that resumed hearing a suo motu case pertaining to corruption. He had summoned Mr Sharif to explain the salaries of government officials in Punjab’s public sector.

The CJ asked him during the hearing why public-sector officials were paid Rs1 million when their salaries were Rs100,000. Mr Sharif responded that he has also saved a lot of money in other heads. He said that he saved Rs160 billion in different power projects. “The reason this courtroom is so cool is because of these power projects,” he said.

Mr Sharif said he has also saved Rs70 billion in water-related projects. The CJ said he was not asking him about those projects. Instead, he said, he was asking about the public-sector officials’ salaries alone. Mr Sharif responded that the matter had nothing to do with him as the finance department had issued a notification regarding those salaries. He said he was not being given due credit for saving Rs160 billion.

“I have given my blood for this country,” said Mr Sharif, adding that he should be appreciated. He said he worked for the Punjab province for 10 years and bore the expenses of the private jet he used.

The CJ said he was dissatisfied with Mr Sharif’s replies.