Actor Salman Khan in trouble yet again

Actor Salman Khan in trouble yet again

MUMBAI - Hindu extremist leader of a Hindutva outfit floated by former Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s international president, Pravin Togadia, on Friday announced a cash reward of two lakh rupees for anyone who would batter the Bollywood star Salman Khan, accusing the ‘Race 3’ hero of throbbing Hindu sentiments by naming a movie as “Loveratri”.

The group of Hindu extremists led by Parashar burnt posters of Khan’s movies, chanting hateful slogans against the superstar.

Reportedly, the city president of Hindu Hi Aage has announced a reward of Rs 0.2 million for thrashing Salman Khan in public. Pravin Togadia has apparently said, “The movie is being produced by Salman Khan by distorting ‘Navratri’ – a religious occasion with which sentiments of lakh of Hindus are attached. We condemn the ill intentions of the actor and seek a ban on the movie. If it is permitted to be screened, we would oppose it tooth and nail.”

The movie “Loveratri” is scheduled to be released in October and stars Salman Khan’s own brother-in-law Aayush Sharma.