Pakistan's first scientist selected for UN Life Grant 2016

Pakistan's first scientist selected for UN Life Grant 2016

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan first Professor Dr. Muhammad Ismael belonging to Gilgit-Baltistan has been selected for UNESCO Green Chemistry of Life Grant 2016.

As per details, Dr. Ismael belonging to Chemistry department of Karakarm International University has been selected for this grant while only six scientists across the globe are being awarded by this grant due their remarkable work in their fields.

Every year six younger experts having extraordinary work are selected by UNESCO while Dr. Ismael is being given this grant over his remarkable research over bugs killing agricultural substances.

Dr. Ismael is among those who has been selected for Green Chemistry Grant while cooperation of an International Organization of Chemistry IUPAC and Russian Company Fas Agro are also included in this grant.

Dr. Ismael thesis has been reviewed by an international jury for selecting him for grant.

Dr. Ismael, in his statement expressed his happiness over this remarkable achievement and thanked Allah Almighty over his success.