Irony of Fate: Rana Sanaullah wife cries foul play behind her husband arrest


*ISLAMABAD - Nabeela Sanaullah, the wife of PML-N MNA Rana Sanaullah, revealed a different story behind her husband’s arrest in an interview.*

The PML-N leader was sent to jail on a 14-day judicial remand on Tuesday. He was arrested on charges of drug possession and 15 kilogrammes of heroin was found in his vehicle.

Nabeela claims that the ASI who arrested her husband told her that he got a call at 1:30pm telling him what to do with the PML-N leader.

She was allowed to meet her husband after he was taken into Anti-Narcotics Force custody. “He told me that a vehicle stopped in front of his car and blocked their way. Three people got out of that car and sat in my husband’s car. They searched the entire car.”

He told me that they even searched the trunk even though they never confirmed it, she said. When he was brought to their office, they showed him a bag and claimed to have found it in his car, she said. “Rana sahab asked why they didn’t show him the bag before, when they were conducting the search.”

Two drivers and three gunmen were with Sanaullah when his car was stopped near the Ravi Toll Plaza. “I am sure that no one will be able to buy off people who work for us. We treat our staff members just like our children,” said Nabeela.

An ANF officer told me to ask my servants who kept the bag in my husband’s car, she said. I asked them what was inside it and he said heroin, she added. “I asked him if it was Reema or Meera, as those are the only heroines that I know.”

My husband then told me to stop talking to them, Nabeela remarked.

“After my husband’s arrest, I even got a call from an unknown number. The person who called me told me to keep mum and not give any statements to the media. But, I will not be threatened,” she added.

Nabeela shared that her husband had been worried about his family’s safety for the past few days. “He told me to keep a guard with me when I leave the house. I kept telling him that I am a lioness and nothing will happen to me.”